Monday, February 13, 2006

things that happen that we barely remember.

when i was young........probably twenty or so.......i had an experience that changed my life. i was lying in bed after a night out. i wasn`t able to find the strength to get up but i was aware of the fact that it was time to rise. i lay there in that state of limbo for a while and then suddenly i was struck by a force that pinned me down. the force was in the form of a beam of light energy that i "saw" coming at me from the horizon. i could see through the walls of the building i lived in and off across the fields as the beam hit. i was pinned down yet felt no fear or concern at all. i must have gone back to sleep because it wasn`t until many months later that i recollected the event at all.
i have meditated on the event, i have asked wise and experienced people about the event, i have meditated some more and i can find no context for the experience except that it is one shared by mystics and shamans throughout history and they all feel that it is a contact with a higher inteligence of some sort.
i will have to accept it as that until someone can suggest an alternative.


anu said...

Thank you for your insights doctor.
Much appreciated.

Wish you a Happy Valentine's day.

May your life ooze with love, light, peace, joy and laughter :))

dr.alistair said...

thank you too. and happy valentines day. oozing.......

anu said...

LOL :) doc u r too cute

dr.alistair said...

that`s not the worst thing i`ve been called today.......

i think so many people over-complexify the happiness process. it just takes a little effort and then the smiles do the rest.
practice makes perfect. who cares if we ever arrive.

anu said...

right said dr :)

I was inspired reading your reply to my post. I have been since then, choosing moment to moment, the most highest feeling of wellbeing every moment.

Sometimes, i break down and give in, but it is working and working very well. Thank you:)

And you are right, it takes practice to even practice.

dr.alistair said...

it is o.k. to give in. it is knowing that you are giving in that gives you the chance to come back to the practice. it is the begining of loving yourself that allows you to do all the human stuff without judgement....and come back to the practice of choosing good, warm, loving thoughts. it will radiate outwards from the center of your being and become contagious!
it`s good to be alive and to smile in remembering the good feelings that we are going to have now.