Saturday, February 04, 2006


okey dokey..............we came from apes apparently. it seems that in the deep dark recesses of time there was a chimp so brave and curious that he came down from his tree and without saying goodbye wandered out of the forest and out onto the savannah in search of adventure and whatever came his way.
in doing so he left behing his food stores of vegitation, berries and bugs. he left behind protection from predators and from the sun and rain. he also shed his hair, learned to walk upright and his brain tripled in size while his dna lost a pair of chromasomes without showing any genetic deficits. in the meantime he developed agriculture, strategies for hunting large animals and for fighting and competing with lions and tigers. all of this without dying.
no physical evidence for this miracle has ever been found. no bones of a transitional species have been dug up to show a text book stage-of-evolution progression from ape to man. no actual scientific proof for what scientists and judges say is the only thing that can be tought about man`s origins in the classroom.
unless our children deduce the points i made above then they have no way to legally hear the discussion for themselves inside a classroom.
even though there is no evidence to support an evolutionary mechanism for our existance as a species on this planet.
makes you wonder what`s going on...........
my position on evolution is that we are a species that was designed somehow to work towards evolving technology. we are entirely suited to urban, digital living as fragile hairless upright bipeds with huge, oversized brains suited to high math, science and technology to make a new exoskeleton of cities to surround us and allow us more time to think things through.
because that`s exactly and precisely what we are doing. those of us who aren`t caught up in one facet or another of the impending global conflict are looking for ways to transcend the reptilian action-reaction reflex and hopefully enough people will decide that the hostility isn`t worth the bother..........and realise that living is so much better when we all just...........christ, i almost said get along, but i realise that i meant to say stay out of eachother`s shit.
maybe what`s evolving is a new recepticle for our consciousness. not one made of carbon encoded onto dna, but one made of silicon encoded onto transistors at the quantum level. maybe we will just download our asses away from the bullshit.
who`s to say it didn`t happen before?
except scientists.................

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