Wednesday, February 08, 2006

join my cult.

i am now taking applications for membership in my cult.
you must be;
18 years of age or older.
be of sound mind and body (whatever that means).
have access to a computer on a daily basis.
a desire to be free of a life of frustration and disappointment.

membership is dependant on an application process that begins with an e-mail expressing your intent to involve yourself in the process of moving toward spiritual enlightenment. this expression must be in an essay format outlining your present situation, your goals and how you presently believe you are working towards those ends. you must include a detailed expression of how you feel frustrated and disappointed in your present situation.

my serious intent here isn`t to develop a cult. this is a blog for christ`s sake. i am looking to build a community of commited people who are looking to work towards a consensus of enlightenment, so that our lives will be enriched. we have the responsibility to start and persist in this work because we recognise the fact that it`s necessary. if we didn`t then we wouldn`t be the ones to take the next step forward.
this is a lab of spiritual consciousness. the science practiced here will be one of increased awareness of life, love, humour and the creative energy to do things of value .
i have always believed that we are here to grow and learn and to move. where we are going to isn`t certain. i just know that we need to and in doing so we run across obstacles that we cannot cross as individuals. as an individual we stay blocked and rationalise and justify allowing the blocks to remain.
using a river as a metaphor, we stand on the shore of the raging current, knowing that if we enter the water we will be washed away. if we enjoin with others in travelling we can hold hands and get ropes and guide eachother across by building a chain and eventually reach the other side together. then we can continue to move naturally as our spirit demands.
or we can stand on the shore and imagine things could be somehow different.
send me an e-mail or post here if you wish and we will start to build a chain to get across together.


anu said...


I am working my way out of a few things. The best of me is in the blog i write, it mentions the highs and lows in my life. The things which inspire me and the things which disgust and frustrate me. All my dissappointments and my achievements are there too.

Presently it is diary of my life so far.

My yearnings, my wishes, the work i keep doing on myself relentlessly day in and out, the different aspects of me, the blunders i have committed are all written there.

Still somewhere
i have this quite faith in me
that somewhere
someday, i will believe in myself
more than i have ever
i will work my way out of the pain
and dis-ease of today
i am convinced of one thing sofar,
i cannot give up on myself,
no matter what,
i cannot stop fighting for a more
joyful connection with my innerself
there is nothing more worthwhile
than this for me right now,
i can't help it Doc,
there is nothing i want more!

dr.alistair said...

anu, the faith is good, but it must be absolute. you cannot wait until someday, because your logical mind will play games with a word like someday and give you a "someday" result. stop fighting for a more joyful inner connection with yourself. you know how to do that right now. you mustn`t help it. you must get out of it`s way.
here`s the thing. all the things that we do, have done and will do by conscious effort are part of what we are used to doing. this is a mechanism that runs unconsciously. to do things differently either takes a tremendous new effort, the committing of a crime, or pure luck. none of those things are options on a human scale. this isn`t to say that magic is impossible,it`s just not possible to force it to happen. on occasion things happen to humans that are exraordinary and then everyone wants to know how it happened. well, it happened because someone decided to let it happen by aligning themselves with the universe of which we are all a part.
a person either consciously or unconsciously stops trying to plot, plan and conspire to be fantastic and then just letting the abundance of the universe bring it to thier feet.
by asking.
i say to myself that i really don`t know how all the fantasic stuff that i can image is going to happen will actually happen,but that i have absolute faith that the universe will take care of the details, so long as i can see it clearly and feel it happening now.
the abundance is all around us all the time. walk within it in your mind, see it like it`s
that`s the new idea. do that often enough and clearly enough and you world will change with your vision.
it can`t happen any other way.