Tuesday, February 21, 2006

if you knew.........

if you knew catagorically that someone or something is trying to hurt people you care about, wouldn`t you do something about the situation?
i know the answer, because i know how i feel in this situation.
i know that there are groups of people out there who`s sole intention is to give advice that will control you on deep levels and they begin at an age where you are incapable of defending your mind.
these people are in control of virtually every aspect of our lives, from the moment we are born.
how do i know this?
well, i`ve had a suspicion for years that something was up.
i`ve noticed that people aren`t happy.
they haven`t got choices.
they haven`t got freedom.
they continue to do the same things, expecting different results.
even though things are terrible for our mental, physical and spiritual health we keep on doing them.
we don`t like ourselves.
we despise our very existance.
we are conditioned to constantly working toward some ideal "success" that is only just around the corner, if we but try a little harder.
but we aren`t told how to do this little bit more.
we are just told to continue to do as we are told, work a bit harder and we will get more, money, things, praise, wealth, happiness, recognition, etc.
wait a minute. stop. i thought we were human beings.
what i`ve described is a human doing.
not what i am, but what i could be if, and or maybe........
it`s all down to the conditional once again.
if you work harder, good things will happen.
what about now, after working hard all day and i just want to rest?
no. sorry you`ve got to plan to be doing better tomorrow. be unhappy now so that things will improve tomorrow.
no....i think i`ll be happy now thanks. you keep the future that never arrives and sell it to someone who cares.
i love myself..............unconditionally. that means no conditions.
right now.
if you don`t love yourself unconditionally, who the hell else will?
another unsatisfied customer who will gladly plan to be unhappy with you through ulcers, chronic fatigue, back pain, cancer, immune disorders, anxiety......etc. as long as you are workng hard...............
or you can choose to love yourself unconditionally and watch the unmerrygoround go round without you.
and you can choose another ride.
when you are ready.


anu said...

I know that i should love myself unconditionally. But what does it mean when we say 'love yourself unconditionally'.

How can i remind myself every minute of the day and every nano second of the minute that i am loved and i should love myself.

Every day i start my day with all this, and within hours...sometimes moments, as i go about doing my jobs, my energy gets dissipated and i end up in the same mess.

Sometimes i wonder, whatever happ to that calm and peace with which i started my day.

Sometimes i barely have an account of how or when my day itself passed under my feet and i had no friggin clue.

I felt enormous energy reading your post and once again i am sitting here resolving to make the most of it today.

And today evening i post back how did this day go.

Yet, what i am saying is, the awareness dies after a while unconsciously and i am left drifting through my day mechanically.

So if i am not aware, i cannot even catch those aspects where i am pulling myself down or not loving myself right?

dr.alistair said...

great question, and one that goes to the heart of the matter for everyone here on the planet. it took me years of anger and resentment because i was looking for the answer outside of me.
i thought that if i could do this thing or have that new thing or wear new clothes or act a certain way that i would feel better.
i was never going to find it that way.
acceptance of the self.
right now.
faith in that everything is taken care of already.
not in giving or getting or doing anything.........
just being is sufficient.
right this minute.
attack conscience as the enemy.
even to have a conscience about self will trap you.
loving yourself means that you couldn`t possibly start to get caught back in relationships that hurt!
sever ties.
you are not going to allow yourselve to be treated that way anymore.
no details. ever.
just the decision.
let the universe provide the answers.
have faith that it`s already taken care of.
it`s the mulling over details that haven`t happened yet and that we are powerless to change any way that steals our energy.
simple love.
it starts from a deep center inside. it takes patient focus on just allowing things to be taken for you.
go on with the wonder of existance.
get cranked up with energy and ride it all day...........
knowing that the details aren`t even any of your business.
just enjoy it all as it happens.