Monday, February 20, 2006

ego attachment............

i will assume from the lack of comments recently that my attack on coscience has got the wheels turning in new ways.
we have an attachment to being seen in certain ways by others. this is ego. we want to be seen as being good. so we buy into the idea of conscience as a way to be seen as being good. this indoctrination begins the moment we can understand and formulate thoughts. mum says that you are a good little child and our hearts swell with the pride of being recognised by the one who a time where we haven`t formulated a clear distinction between our own self and that of our mother. so it`s all happening at a time when we aren`t clear about anything. we just get good feelings coming from recognition for doing what mum wanted.
when we do something that mum doesn`t like then all hell breaks loose and continues until we have convinced mum that it won`t happen again.
we are sorry.
we do things to prove that we are sorry.
we avoid doing that thing again.
now we have a relationship built out of conditional nurture and love.
if we do the right things we will get the good stuff.
and vise versa.
so a conscience is formed.
then comes an education.
then comes a job.
love interests.
all based on the archetecture of conditional conscience.
stop it.
resist the urge to be acknowledged for what someone else regards as good.
resist the urge to be acknowledged for what you used to regard as good.
if you love yourself unconditionally, it doesn`t matter what you did, what you will do or what you can do.
that`s what unconditional means.
without conditions.
in legal terms conditions are stipulations that must be met for the contract to be fulfilled.
don`t contractually obligate yourself to be able to live your life........when.
live your life now.
the pressure is off.
now smile and go on to the next thing.


anu said...

I'm just going back to read a few of your posts Dr.

Its early saturday morning here. I dont work on Sat and Sun. So looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

I just remembered something i read: all relationships are a relationship with the self. The moment i uphold my own truth, others will see me in that light too.

If i can harmonise and make peace with myself, then all other puzzles should be solved and things should fall in place automatically right?

Even the mere thought of this is bringing waves of peace and joy and strength in me.

dr.alistair said...

it is through unconditional love for ourself that we harmonise and find peace with ourself.
there is only that thing.
everything else is a lack of that thing.
i have a fantasy...........
that everyone finds unconditional love for themselves. at the same time.
all the guns will then clatter to the ground together.
all the politics will stop.
we will do the things we want for the simple joy of it.
it`s a fantasy.
but all you can do is focus on unconditional love for yourself and you will find that others who see and feel in similar ways will appear.
it has to happen this way.
i don`t know why it does, but it does.