Monday, February 27, 2006


what is t.v.? it is a mechanism that fires streams of photons into your eyes. these photons are arranged in ways that emulate images from life and the ideas that people have about life. we call the content of this media "entertainment". what this entertainment does is that it lulls us into a suggestable trance state so that we are ready to recieve messages about consumer products, social mores and politics.
and it predisposes us to consuming more t.v.
the mind needs a constant rich stream of information of a changing nature to remain interested in a subject. you have only to remember fighting to stay awake in geography class to understand the concept.
t.v. is so low data rich that after about 15 or 20 minutes our conscious mind begings to go to sleep. we are then left to accept whatever images roll across the screen.
then we go to the grocery store and buy whatever seems most familiar to us. the people who pay for the most ads are the same people who have the expensive soap to sell.
and cookies.
and deodorant.
and shampoo.
and politicians.
so, if you want my advice.............don`t fall asleep in front of the t.v., in fact don`t watch it at all.


anu said...

lol true.

i watch cartoon network and disney channel only :)

dr.alistair said...

bugs bunny is almost as sarcastic as i am!
as with all aspects of consciousness, being aware of ourselves in consciousness is the key. seein ghow our mind is changing while we watch t.v. is interesting because the process is a struggle to remain alert. even while the cartoons are on.
the t.v. content is only there to fill the gaps between commercials.
t.v. isn`t an entertainment and information delivery device. it`s commercial broadcasting implement. millions of brains are attached to this pipeline.
if ted rogers and rupert murdock have thier way the computer will too.
unlimited bandwidth isn`t necessarily the best news for the internet community.

anu said...

oh wow i love bugs bunny. :) It is so smart and yet never harms and so happy and content in its hole.

I'm going to the hospital to take a few kidney tests which will tell me how much % my kidneys are functioning. I'll take these tests today but get the reports only on Friday.

WIsh me luck Dr.

No matter what the results, i dont think i'll be too dissapointed. Becoz nobody here really expects any improvement except me.

Docs believe this is an incurable disease.

But only time will say :)

dr.alistair said...

luck is nothing to do with it. it is your decisions from now on that will determine the outcome and how you experience the process.
my thoughts will be with you.
choosing to see what you really want to have occur is the next step. and letting the universe take care of the details.

anu said...

Dr i felt very nostalgic going back to the same rooms i went two years ago to do the tests.

The difference was that time i had the support and attention of my ex and this time i was all alone.

I am feeling very sad and down Dr becoz now there is no one to tell how the tests went.

I could not resist and i called up my ex. He is in the same city as i live but i did not know that till i called him up now.

He asked me why was i crying. I told him. He told me he is at dinner with a friend and needs to talk to him.

I sense he has moved on Dr. And i am just not able to come to terms with this.

I keep hurting myself every time i call him.

Every time i feel i have finally gotton over this, i land up in the same situations again and again.

I just cannot imagine that he is in the same city but feels no need to get in touch with me or is not interested in even asking about my health.

I am tired of my own self Dr. How do i get out of this mess? Why cant i get over this once and for all?

I'm so scared of myself, no matter what i write and say, i see that i can be so vulnerable and feel unable to tolerate this pain.

Why cant i just let him GO and move on? But i cannot get over it that this love affair ended like this and he is perfectly okay about it. It kills me to think like that.

Maybe i'll try reading your earlier posts and find something in it to calm my turbulent, restless and desperate mind.

dr.alistair said...

the challenge to the self is to understand what you truly need. you went from being concerned with your health to a dose of pain over a relationship. the process of grief goes from denial to negotiation to acceptance. when we choose to reinstall feelings by doing things like calling an old boyfriend, then all the good stuff that you`ve done for yourself comes undone.
you don`t need more pain now.
smiling always works.
remember to love your humanity.
all the human-ness that you are experiencing now.
it`s easy when the sun is out and the birds are singing.
but now it`s most important.
remember how to get back to awareness of your unconditional state of love for you.
you`ve done it quite recently.
the blessings of others are meaningless without the blessings you give yourself.
it applies on the soccer field as in life. 95% work. running, running, running.........then bang, you score a goal.
preparedness. you wouldn`t have the opportunity to score the goal without all the running.
love the running.
disappear into the running.
become running it`s self.
an act of unconditional love for yourself is to run all the time........goalscoring happens automatically then.

anu said...

Right Dr. I just woke up from sleep. Something strange, no matter how much i've sobbed the previous night to sleep, when i wake up i am totally refreshed and the have no memories of the pain, unless i dwell in those events which trigger it once again.

But there is a quiet fear lurking in me Dr, which i want to tackle. The fear that i become that restless, desperate, cringy person who is ready to beg, plead, apologise and do anything to hear a few comforting words from my ex.

When this girl comes out, she totally takes charge of me. I want to understand this girl becoz if i lock her up in the cellar, when i least expect she barges out and becomes hysterical. There must be a way to quieten her.

You so rightly pointed out that, i moved so quickly from my health to the relationship. It is like i almost needed a reason to grieve about it.

I am really absorbing your reply Dr. Even if this takes me the rest of my life i'm going to keep running.

Yes i dont need this pain now. The self inflicting pain. And i need to run and run till one day i am ready to make my first goal which happens automatically, with effortless ease.

Each time i promise myself all of this, i break it. I am aware of this. Yet i cannot see anyother way out.

I'll put one foot in front of another. I'll take a step at a time.

I have the intention, and this is the only real thing i want now. Becoz it robs me off my peace of mind and then i sense its huge loss.

Maybe now it is just about time to implement it again and again, and be totally aware of it so that i am prepared when the ball comes around next time, and i make the goal!

Thank you for the inspiring posts and light and energy you pass on to me Dr. I am truely grateful to you for helping me to get close to myself.

P.S.: when is your birthday doc?

dr.alistair said...

well, it is vital to grieve about the relationship. it has the potential to be a block to other things that you are ready to get to in your life.
running is about discipline.
running is about technique.
running is about joy.
children run out of innocent celebration of life.
adults can get back to that joy.
grief is about running through the anger, the denial, the bargaining, the depression and the final goal is a sense of acceptance.
being self-aware of the process, as you described, allows you to have a calm witnessing of the process.
do not grasp at any of the states you experience throughout this or any other event in your life. it is the grasping that causes the pain.
even the good things must pass.
emotions come and go.
we are physiological beasts. we cannot physically grasp forever. our limbs become tired.
it is so with our minds also.
it is the anger and demanding that we become immortal somehow and grab and hold on forever that is ego.....fear.
open your heart and let yourself fall away...........
that is unconditional love.
you will always be conscious. smiling.
what can you do with that much strength?