Friday, February 24, 2006

how to begin to love yourself unconditionally.

sit quiety for a time and be aware of yourself loving yourself unconditionally. a love without expectation. a love that is permenantly now. like the certain knnowledge that the sun will rise in the morning. let your mind empty and sit in this love...........if your mind wanders to thoughts, patiently wait until you have come back to love . emptying your mind.
gentle breath in.....and out in love for yourself.
each day find some time to do this and you will be building a relationship with your unonditional love for yourself.
and let go of attachment and resentment and arguement and a conscience about doing so.
we can only hope that others will do the same.
and then let that go too.................


anu said...

This sounds so real, practical and doable.

I know that there are aspects in me which are almost harmful to my own self. There are emotional cycles circles i go into which make me hyper sensitive.

But i also know,
there is a kind and loving side to me,
an excited and passionate side,
an intelligent and analytical mind,
a mind eager to explore the mysteries of the mind and the universe,
a compassionate and caring side,
a bold and never-say-die spirit,
a calm and serene side,
i want to integrate all my aspects
i want to see the real 'anu'.

And i want to do all that it takes to reach to me. To gain my own trust. To be my own friend. In this journey of mine, thank you Dr for your kind and thereaupetic words, from miles away, your energy cleanses my heart and mind and body.

Talking about unconditional love, I'll slightly modity what Bryan Adams said, and I can hear my own inner self sing this song to me:

"Look into your eyes anu
You'll see, there is nothing there to hide,
Take me as i am, take my life,
Dont tell me, its not worth fighting for,
I can't help it, there is
nothing i want more."

I can't help it Dr, i've come far ahead, like a shooting star and i cannot go back to where i once belonged.

Thank you Dr :)

dr.alistair said...

it would be impossible to return to the prior state. your consciousness recognises the growth and is manifesting it`s self this way now.
it`s that simple.
enjoy each breath in and each breath out again, knowing that you can see unconditional love for yourself.
speak about it to those you can feel a trust with about this.
as you get more comfortable your voice will come.