Sunday, February 05, 2006

sellers of poison.

the link above contains the top ten killers of the population. cigarettes is number one. it kills almost half a million people per year in the u.s. the political favorites such as auto accidents and gun deaths are massively less. politicians won`t adress the issue of cigarettes as a killer is that there is too much tax money on the line and too many lobby groups payed for by cigarette companes.
in my work the majority of my clients are for stop smoking. these people range in age from late twenties to mid fifties and the large majority of these people have been smoking since thier early teens or younger. 90% of my stop smoking clients began to smoke before thier 13th birthday.
there a number of conclusions we can speculate upon based on this statistic.
1. parents are buying cigarettes for children.
2. shop owners are selling cigarettes to children.
3. cigarette companies are aiming marketing at children and the children are getting thier cigarettes however they can.
cigarette companies will deny that they aim ads at kids but joe cool wasn`t designed to appeal to seniors.
now comes the philosophical question;
whay are cigarette makers allowed to contiue to kill people?
the answer is that cynical or not, they have a legal product.
a legal product?
that`s a child that only it`s mother could love.
so let`s get this straight.........a group of companies are allowed to make poison for kids and adults to consume and don`t have to stop because the product is legal. they also don`t have to pay out in damage suits because the products are legal.
i have a solution.
let`s work towards making the product less legal and save some lives.
how do we do that?
well, i live in canada and intitial inquiries suggest that this will become a constitutional issue.
i will be doing research and speaking to lawyers in the next few weeks with the aim to begin a publicity and fundraising campaign to question the costitutionality of selling poison to people in canada. and the rest of the world.

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