Wednesday, February 15, 2006

healing practice.

what do we see when we go inside and see health? we see bright flashes of white light like lightning travelling through our bodies. when we practice this visualisation we can begin to feel the energy coursing through our bodies. a tingling, electric sensation of vitality and life. we are powerful here and able to do anything we need to do in our lives.
when we suffer deficits to the system the visualisation will contain areas of cloud and blockages and different colours emerging into the areas of our bodies that aren`t operating at optimum.
the focus is to see the energy correcting it`s self in your mind`s eye.
know when the blocks are occuring.
you know when you feel less than vital. this is your cue to go inside and diagnose yourself. do an energy inventory. have the confidence to know that the information you are getting is valid. it`s you. you are the expert.
the more you do this, the better and more precise you will become at the skill.
we are all born with this ability.
it takes practice to ignore the signals.
the ignoring is the first step to illness.
see the energy accumilating above your head and stretching out into the universe in all directions. see the energy travelling through you and out your feet and back into the universe and away. back around through the universe to reach the top of your head once again.
breathe through this awareness and and allow this energy to illuminate your being.
this energy is flowing all around the universe at all times and once you acknowledge it`s presence again you can learn to be at one with it any time you need to.
this practice is all you need to be able to heal your self.
practice makes for recognition which makes for healing.
it`s also a great way to greet the day.

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