Thursday, February 16, 2006


i am asked, on occasion, if i have a political stance and my answer is yes.......but it`s not something i`m going to delve into. i find that any form of opinion, (defined as thought processes acted upon as fact.) will come hard up against the next person`s opinion as a challenge to the next persons reality. we have a hard time sorting out our beliefs from our factual knowledge.
some will say "cheney deliberately shot wittington"
some will say "bush is a fool"
some will say "we need to win the war on terror"
these statements seem to be reasonable. you can actually draw conclusions like this from watching and especially reading the media.
the problem is that all of the above statements contain rabbitholes of assumption and breaks in logic.
these holes and breaks will condition you to leaking this form of lazy thinking into your personal life.
it may be fun to find that delicious "fact" that "proves" that your intense dislike for a political figure was factually and logically justified. but it rewards us with biased opinion that is designed to do nothing but sell newspapers and adsense clickthroughs.
the people that make these comments may actually believe thier own material.
the question really is, do we need to be told what to think?
who cares who shot who?
if an idiot is running your country, can you do anything about it?
what does a "war on terror" mean?
the most importsant thing a person can do is focus on thier own spiritual happiness and the wellbeing of thier family. nothing else matters.
how could it possibly?

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