Tuesday, February 14, 2006


here is something interesting

fibonacci was an italian mathematician that discovered that his simple series of numbers created in pairs added together to create the next number; ( 0, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,33,54.........) were descriptive of patterns in nature. everything from the buds on the stem of a plant to networks of neurons in the brain. an underlying math of everything in the universe. a remarkable intuitive discovery and so frustrating for the materialist mind because it provides no further insight into what it all means.
merely more breathtaking stuff going on all around us, if we are prepared to just be amazed.........

the greeks used a ratio known as the golden mean ( 1.61:1) as a proportional scale in thier architecture. the human eye is so sensitive to this proportion that we can tell if this proportion is met in design by eye.

the ratio of each pair of fibonacci numbers converges on the ratio 1.61:1..... but it never quite gets there.
a metaphor for man`s search for perfection?


anu said...

Wow dr, you have many interesting posts. I am going to read one at a time so that i can absorb it with joy.:)

"merely more breathtaking stuff going on all around us, if we are prepared to just be amazed........."

Wow dr this is such a lovely sentence.

I waited and waited for a particular call on v-day. But, the call never came and neither were my calls answered. As i was feeling the sadness of this incident, on my way back from work, i saw the trees..huge trees..standing solitary. All alone and still, there were simply 'okay' to be alone. There was a sensation of calmness and profound silence about them. They way they stood tall over the stones and grass. The way the still spread their branches, they were so majestic. With an element of self-respect, totally centered in themselves.

The tree-meditation is something i am doing now since a few days. I watch in amazement at these solitary beings.

At the end of the day, i still felt the sadness, but i also shared a slight feeling of the solitary joy of a tree. :)

dr.alistair said...

trees.......yes, i think they are aware of things going on around them. when we focus on the majesty and complexity of such systems as trees, or schols of fish in the sea or birds on the wing or loose arrangements of cells that take on the form of a human then we start to be in awe any time we want to be.
what joy is there in being alive?
as much as we want there to be.
pass it on.