Friday, February 03, 2006

the loops we get caught in.

there is a mechanism in biology called homeostasis. it is a mechanism whereby an organism or group of organisms work towards keeping things the same. there is a good reason for this. once a system is working efficiently it is good to keep things going in the same efficient way. it takes less energy to work this way and as we know energy costs are the largest part of any operating budget.
psychologically this mechanism operates in much the same way. we get used to doing things a certain way and it takes less energy to maintain this process than to constantly be installing new and untested strategies into our thinking to try to gain an advantage.
so we get stuck in loops of thinking.
these loops aren`t necessarily the best for our survival but we are resistant to making changes and we shrug and continue in jobs, relationships and ways of thinking and problem solving that just barely function.
so does everyone else.
there`s comfort in everyone being average and ordinary and uninspired and mostly bored and mildly irritated that they wished that there was a magic spell to cast that would transport them into excitement and intrigue.........well, at least until the kids get home.
what happens when we really want to make significant changes in our lives?
we go out and find a better paying job, a rich husband or get a role in a movie, right?
there are people approaching thier lives like that every day.
they become prey to scams and expensive courses and agency fees that offer the promise of stardom. even universities do it.
how many master`s degree holders are driving cab?
we need to pay the bills and money does that, so it`s off to work we all go and meet our financial responsibilities.
but there`s the nagging desire for more......right back there in the back of your mind...... every time you go by the magazine rack and look at what a mvie star is doing or what kind of intersting adventure an explorer is up to in national geographic....
so how do we get involved?
do you believe you can?
o.k. good.
now, we agree that nothing we have ever tried, even with the most effort we can muster, we end up back to square one.
so lets stop doing any of what we could characterise as trying.
no more trying.........
but how do we move toward what we want without trying?
because it`s the only way to do it.
our limited neurochemical homeostasis loops us back to safe survival.
what we have access is the vast infinite scope of potential out in the universe of our higher consciousness.
a new semantic paradigm of potential outcome merges when, instea of saying why, we say why not?
get a piece of card and write on it something like;
"i have no idea how i am going to do this but i want to become ( something) and i have complete confidence in the infinite majsty of the universe to provide me with the opportunity to do exactly what i want".
ths statement and the meditation of this concept that you will perform upon waking in the morning and before you go to sleep will jump you out of the loops that you have continued to re-enstall in yourself all of your life.
it has to happen.
it`s not magic or religion or manipulation (well, actually it is.) but it is is precisely how we have got to limits in our lives, so why not use the same process to get out and into the infinite where we are excited and alive and passionate and can start to smile and pass it on.
it`s how those smiling people on the magazines did it. they`re too busy doing what they do to tell you about it.

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