Sunday, February 12, 2006


humans are best defined by what we do together. granted there are great individuals, people who achieve remarkable things on their own, but they are few. our best chance as a species is as a group or collection of groups of like minds working together.
in ideas of the spirit and divinity this holds true. great movements and religions shape societies across the globe. we shape our reality by our association with groups in everything from sport to politics to collecting bears. it`s how the human psyche operates.
it also makes good basic sense.
the more people in a group sharing resourses the greater benifit to each individual member.
this environment on the internet benifits by the efforts of everyone from coders to hardware developers to advertisers to people posting blogs and other content. we are all working to provide a regulation free zone of communication so that we can act in a more co-ordinated and decisive fashion as a global society. so far governments of most countries have little problem with it. i say let`s enjoy it while we can before either business or government puts the lid on tight and all we can do is watch re-runs of mtv and pay a dollar a piece for e-mails.
shae our ideas, issues and challenges and we can find the solutions together.

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