Saturday, February 18, 2006

consciousness vs. conscience.

consciousness is the process by which we upload reality. how we know things. how we feel.
the mind sits in a space and includes our body and it`s actions. conscience is what we are asked to feel in regard to our actions. this concience is a conditioning that has us attached to outcomes and steals our consciousness from our awareness.
in pure consciousness we create everything we percieve, from the most minute detail of the colour, shape and size of each grain of sand on the beach beneath our feet to the sky above our heads to the vast network of computers and software attached to the computer you are reading this message on.
our concience, that constructed form of reality, steals our personal power away from our ability to be conscious and the magician we are.
it is the great conspiracy. to other conspiracy could be possible without it. we wouldn`t react with the pain and anger to the news on t.v. or in the newspapers without a conscience.
the paradox is that we believe that our conscience makes us do good things, but in reality it is the mechanism that perpetuated all of the evil in the world.
without conscience there would be no guilt and no sin. it is by the feelings of guilt and of being sinful that we are controlled.
jesus didn`t die for anyone`s sins. he got the jews angry because he was teaching forgiveness and love. the jews got the romans to execute jesus.......and pilate washed his hand of the matter. but as shakespeare`s hamlet found out, the blood won`t wash easily from your hands.
if you react out of guilt, fear and sin you will be capable of the atrocities of the greatest tyrants known to history.
conscience is a certain life sentence to hell.
ask any advertising executive.......................

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anu said...

How true Dr. Till recently, someone kept asking me 'how could you do this?..blah blah blah'. It made me and still makes me (though at a lesser intensity) beg for forgiveness.

Probably the only difference is that i am seeing that by being made feel guilty and through guilt the other person 'controls' you. They have your life in their hands and we dance like a puppet to their tunes.

We think guilt hurts becoz we realise that something we did was wrong so we are apologetic for it.

But Dr? if we did 'realise', we are moving more towards the laws of the universe right? In other words, by realising (thro guilt) we are moving towards a sense of truth in ourselves, so it should actually make us feel good. Why then guilt is so ugly that the others uses it like a weapon and keeps shooting each time and each time the gun is raised the victim is surely wounded.

This is enough to prove that guilt is not a real human uplifting emotion. And probably true guilt may not 'degrade' one in his own eyes so much. I suspect it must be a realisation of sorts which will elevate man from one plane to another, and the joy, bliss and peace in the realisation will illuminate him rather than pull him or her down terming him or her as worthless.