Thursday, February 02, 2006

believe? no.

i don`t believe in ufos. but check this out.
when you watch these videos you begin to realise that ufos are real. there is something unidentified flying around in the sky above our heads.
what are they? i don`t know. one can speculate.........but i deal with the precision of words and belief plainly begins where knowledge runs out. so we cannot with certainty draw any conclusions about what we have just seen other than there are unidentified objects flying above our heads. with absolute certainty.
whats the point though? well, personally, i enjoy watching and listening to people from all manner of fields, who really should know better, becoming emotionally involved in speculation and more entertainingly, denying the existance of ufos. even though the tape clearly showed clear, focussed, daylight objects flying across the field of view.
a rational person starts to think of ways that this phenomenon could occur. this is how good science and philosophy operates. trusting the senses and testing out hypotheses.....not denying the informational reality.
but that`s how science approaches ufos.
no way, no how. then we can go back to sleep, knowing that highly educated people that we support with our tax dollars say that the video is a hoax. it must be, because we all know that nothing can do what the video shows those objects to be doing. the guys a hoaxer. a new age conspiracy. a trick to sell videos (that we are all watching for free.)
hey, scientists. this is a public challenge to tell me what i just watched. provide proof to me that what i just saw was a weather balloon or swamp gas or the planet venus. then i can doze off knowing that we are all safe in your scientific hands.

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