Wednesday, February 15, 2006

how do we heal?

our bodies and minds operate together to create this thing we call reality. we see things in our minds and through our eyes that we say to ourselves is real.
we are in a state of passive acceptance of this almost all of the time. there are times where we are aware of things in a greater sense. this is the state of "being alive" that we recognise as a peak experiential state. this is the state where we can master our existance. it is the state of grace, of creativity and of healing that we are working towards in our journey in consciousness.
energy is all that we are. energy is all that exists. science, medicine, mysticism, theology, athletics and philosophy are converging on the realisation that matter is really energy pushing back against our senses to give the impression of solid form.
an illusion.
the illusion.
we can see the energy when we sensitise ourselves.
we can feel the energy when we sensitise ourselves.
we can hear, taste and smell the energy too. when we sensitise ourselves.
modern living is a process of desensitising ourselves in unconsciousness.
o.k. so now that we know that we can directly experience the energy of creation, we can take the next step......................
manipulation of the energy that forms the illusion of matter.
when we close our eyes we can see anything we decide to. we can see deep into the structure of things. we can see the energy of health inside our bodies and we can see the same images of illness and begin to tell the difference.
it is in knowing the difference between the states that we see and feel that we can recognise our own state of health.
more on this in the next post.

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