Thursday, February 09, 2006

new physics = opinion.

as quantum mechanics digs deeper into the spaces between particles and flys down into the gaps of the nothing that they find there, there comes a point where the seeker stops and says " how far does this nothing go on for?".
i think that it will go on for ever, actually.
the mystics say it`s infinite.
the word guys want to put names to all the nothings that they keep finding and persist in argueing about what they hare naming and who gets to name and so on.
there are those who say that you can`t even talk about these nothings unless you`ve studies all the old, outmoded ways that we used to demand the there were somethings down there even though it`s patently obvious that there is nothing there at all.
the more we keep asking about the names people use to describe things (or nothings) that they are finding (observing) or not observing, the more we realise that people don`t know what these nothings are............
confused yet?
if there aren`t any observable, material things pushing on other material things, then they must be forces acting upon other forces, but we don`t even know what these forces material terms because they aren`t things.
have i clarified?
quarks, charms, wormholes, hearts, moons, clovers...........quantum foam?
and i`m confusing?
the thing is, we imagine it and it happens. we say it`s something and it is. particles communicate at a distance. shit happens. lucky people win.
if it is opinion-driven then make mine a smile.

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