Friday, February 24, 2006

mind control.

there has been so much written recently about mind control, from mk-ultra to the jesuits to amway to promise keepers. the common thread amongst all of these is that someone else is providing the framework for your thinking. all of these mind control environments have the potential to provide a spiritual enlighenment. they are all riual based indoctrinations tht follow prescibed methods that profoundly alter the initiates brain chemistry, wave frequency and change the basic character of the person as a result.
one can ad army, navy, airforce and marines to that list along with corporate employers from home depot to ibm.
and the police.
the point here is that you can do this for yourself by sitting quietly for a moment and embracing your unconditional love for yourself. let it wash over you completely and then let all your thoughts flow away so that eventually, as you sit there, you are at one with everything, dissolved in the universe.
your mind will drift to thoughts so just allow them to pass by. do not attach any focus to them and continue rising and falling with the tide of effortless nothing...............
find the time for this practice as often as you can.
it is your mind control.
it is your mind.
it is letting go of control.
and noticing what lies there waiting.
the self.


martin said...

I'm interested in your posts on the Tarot. As someone who's always thought the cards were just another form of newspaper astrology predictions, I've recently come across a number of people (who's opinions I respect) talking about thier use as a valuable tool for self-knowledge.

Any pointers where to start with this? Any books you can recommend? I suspect there are lots of Tarot cards on the market, which are the good ones?

Cheers and all the best


dr.alistair said...

my suggestion is for you to begin to use a deck. i won`t recommend any specific deck but you will find many different types in occult book stores and also many method books as well. these are valuable tools for your own personal intuitive development. the right deck for your use is the one you will discover for your self.
you may find yourself constructing your own cards as your intuition and confidence grows.
how the tarot operates?
it disrupts the process of criticism.
it is the criticism that we have been conditioned to trade in in exchange for real understanding and gnosis.
it is a form of meditation.
when we practice the stilling of thought we are unable to criticise through intelect.
we can then be intuitively resourceful.

anu said...

What a lovely way to start a moment. Total silence and unconditional love.

Today i went to my grandmom's place where i talked to her and played with my 7mth young nephew. Such joy and bliss he operates from. Such energy and peace he beholds.

I want to unlearn everything Dr to go back to the child in me..which was born in love, peace and grace. Which knew nothing more or nothing less. Which did not care for anything more.

I was typing the above when i just burst into tears. I had gone to watch the movie 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. I could so relate to that girl. Though my bf has choosen not to be associated with me and i do have grudges about it(becoz it hurts me and i miss him), i feel deeply indebted to him for contributing a LOT to my life by introducing me to Seth, to better and richer ways of thinking and being theareaupetic for my mind when i had an abusive boss (verbal only) at work and abusive parents (verbal and physcial - my mom used to beat me becoz i did not want to get married to a guy of her choice)at home.

During this period, he spent lots of time with me (crying) and helped me heal many wounds. When we met, he told me he cannot connect to me and we can only be friends. I have and could never get over this. So it remained hurting me and killing me inside.

Finally to relieve myself of some of it, i wrote things in a forum to get some help. I pulled him down and let out my frustrations about him. He came to know about it. Later i confided and told things about him to a common friend. He again came to know about it.

I just wanted to get out some of the shit in my head, but it became a huge mess which i cannot ever resolve appears. He thinks i am a fucked up messed up creature and a liar and cheat and i have done a character assasination of his.

Maybe it appears i have. But it was not my intention to hurt it at all. I was upset and angry and i just wantted to get some things out to feel better.

Now i hv not called him since one week. He does nto call back either.
Maybe it is all over.

My friends tell me to get over it. He has told me numerous times to move on as he has moved on and has different friends now.

But something in me is not resolved. I cannot deny a deeprouted 'truth' in me about him.

I cannot understand how he cannot see that i love him and does not or is not able to reciprocate it back.

Even the friendship is gone now, thanks to all the mess i created, he is not even talking to me.

If all of this is so false and has to end like this, then how can i feel so deeply about it? No matter what i do, i cannot forget him. I cannot understand how someone can love me and later say they dont love me in the same way anymore.

dr.alistair said...

crying is a way of clensing. the water is carrying you away from those painful feelings.
the practice of stillness and unconditional love for yourself will allow you to resist the attachment to these experiences which have caused you pain. honour the past by letting it go. people, places and things.........
the yoy of your own love for your self is the way to non-attachment. all that comes next is based on this.
the words we try to use out of pain are, unfortunately, to try to manipulate and negotiate the with the it will go away.
it won`t. it is a signal that something is wrong.
our practice of stillnes and quiet meditation that allows thought to recede........will move you to new understanding, insight and peace.
and, of course, companions.
let the pain be a guide.
that`s what it`s there for.
our cells know in ways that our intelect can ignore.
you are at a point where you are able to recognise that truth.

anu said...

You'r right Dr, i will hold this pain close to me. I will stay with it. This time i wont run away or do petty things to get rid of it.

For once i will taste it, savour it and watch myself gulp it down.

I will breathe into it and let it go as i breathe out.

I will drill into it and dig deep down till i reach the base of this bottomless pit called pain.

I will make pain my teacher. I will learn from her.

dr.alistair said...

it is an opportunity to go to the next level.
in the tarot this moment is symbolised by the tower. a catastrophic even after which nothing will be the same.
a blessing.....

anu said...

This is a beautiful line dr. "a blessing.."

But please tell me Dr, how is it that, on one hand, you believe that we create our own reality and on the other hand you believe in tarots.

Pardon me, but arnt we laying our destinies in the hands of a pack of cards, everytime we look for answers in tarots?

Or maybe there is something more to this than i can see or i know.

dr.alistair said...

tarot is all about recognising things that are going on inside.
there are those that try to see the future through whatever means possible. this is the ego`s way of denying the self. the self exists now. here . today. there is nothing else.
it`s all dialog.
the tarot wakes up concepts and patterns that we are unaware of consciously. after that it`s up to you. you will be the one to live your life moment by moment, no matter what the tarot says.
believe? no, i don`t believe in anything.
it`s not a matter of belief.
belief begins when the methods and results end.
there is no end to methods and results. otherwise we would live in torment.
i am a scientist. i deal in what is proveable.
otherwise i would have been a priest.
the question is; what do you do when you get an answer? it`s not an end, it`s a begining.
there is no such thing as a destiny.
only a path.
we walk it every day.
in love.
bare feet on cool grass.
thank you so much for your innocent and powerful questions.
courage is grace under pressure.
you are courageous.