Friday, February 03, 2006

the loops we must get caught in.

the loops we must get caught in are made up of what we are thrilled about most. the passions, loves and aspirations that keep us imagining the pleasure of seeing, doing and feeling our dreams.
we must get caught up in holding these images in our minds for as long as it takes to feel like they are real. then the loops will take over and things will be transformed in our lives.
all the things we wished about before will drive us froward to do whatever it takes to make them happen.
wishing doesn`t make it happen. only knowing its happening now changes the neurology of our consciousness generator to bring about change.
the semantic reality is the reality.
what you say about what is happening makes it so.
try it for yourself.
read the last post and follow the instructions regarding the words on the card and know that you have changed the way your brain creates your reality.
find a way to find a way.................
it`s always worked for you in the past. you are just not happy with the results so much anymore. so change the imput and the output has to change too.
we have got frustrated with what we keep getting so stop using the old approach.
poverty is an act of creativity.
you have to actively and determinedly and consistantly work at pushing things away from yourself in a world of magnificent abundance.
if you live in a large city, look at all the stuff piled up to the sky around you. if you live in the country, look at the vast expanses of fields and sky that go on forever around you. a constant reminder of the wealth of resources waiting for creative input from you.
what we choose to tell ourselves continually streams back into our lives.
want proof?
look at the room you are sitting in and know that you are surrounded by all of your magic spells manifested in physical reality right in front of your eyes.
you did it.
want something different?
start asking for it.
like i tell my youngest boy, michael. he`s six;
use your words.

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