Wednesday, February 15, 2006


ok, so what is healing? it is a natural process of being alive. when we cut ourselves we don`t put any thought into making the cut heal. it happens as a natural product of bodily function. that is the bodies prior knowing about what should be occuring in the system. this is true of cuts as well as of dealing with more serious problems internally such as cancer or bronchitis or flu. there are those who want to have magic happen to stop the process of "illness" immediately so that they can be "well" again without any further concern. though this is a natural thought it has got the pharmaceutical industry producing new drugs faster and faster to solve more and more problems that we are apparently facing.
the danger of "curing" in this way is that we become robots who just pop pills whenever we feel ill. this never gives our natural ability to heal the chance to do the natural thing that it always has done.
we are now giving babies drugs at birth. babies who have never been ill yet. babies who`s immune systems need a chance to adapt to the new environment outside the womb but aren`t being given the chance.
these babies will grow up to be dependant upon drugs all thier lives because thier immune systems aren`t recruited to do the job they were designed to do.
the body knows how to do healing naturally. the mind and the body knows how to do this. look inside with confidence in the fact that we can heal cuts, scrapes, cancers, lung infections, broken bones and most anything we allow our bodies to adress without interferance.
we are going to look at how the mind does this in the next post.

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