Thursday, February 02, 2006

you cannot be wrong.

you never have been.
your conscious mind has a thought, then it moves on. the part of the mind that creates reality for you, and we`ll call it the unconscious mind, for want of a more descriptive term, then goes about putting the body into positions where it will go about proving the original thought.
quite the concept.
quite the responsibility.
it means that everything that we are surrounded by in our world, everything that comes to our feet, every minute expression across our face, every gesture, is designed to create the thought that originated in our mind into physical reality.
if you don`t like what your thoughts are doing to you, stop having shit thoughts.
are you having shit thoughts?
do everything in your power to stop the shit thoughts.
like what?
choosing to have thoughts about better things.
and now.
and smile.
go ahead and force the first one if you have to, the next one will be real.
then choose to remember a thought so wonderful and exciting that you barely dare to imagine it.
i don`t know what it might be, but you know the one i`m talking about because it makes you smile to think about it..........
the funny thing is that when you start to remember the thing that makes you smile and see what you saw and hear what you heard, and turn up the sound so it`s twice as loud........the feeling is twice as strong inside going around and round.......spinning.
which way is it spinning inside?
can you take the time to notice which way it`s going, now?
you can double that feeling now.........and it seperates from the memory and just becomes a thrill that you can decide to run inside and attach to the thoughts of being alive now and humming along while you read, or you can attach it to the idea of making this practice a permenant thing in your life...............wouldn`t that be something to have inside?

here`s a thing. who is your favorite actor or personality or voice? have them read what you just read. imagine thier voice read the paragraphs above in a convincing way, just for you. you can because you already read it in your head with a voice. you may not have been aware of the fact that you did, but it`s true.
practice your voice in your head.
practice making it encouraging and supportive and powerfully able to make you feel great so that you can be..........great.
why not. you`ve never been wrong before.

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anu said...

Hi Dr,

How are you?

Since i have no new posts to chew on, (smile) i am going back to read the ones i have not read.

I like the realness and conviction with which you write Dr. It almost feels as if i am having a session with you.

It feels like i am listening to a Seth or an Abraham. Your voice is really powerful and urges me to go right in and search for a voice of my own.

Once a while, when i am feeling so recharged reading your entries, i want to share that feeling with you. Hence i say what i say, at the cost of repetition.

Thank you Dr Alistair. I am glad i am visiting your space. It tunes me back in. Sometimes i get lost in the world among all the people. I come home here. I need that direction, that energy, that guidance, where no matter whether the sun shines or the moon lights up my courtyard, i know that little space in my heart and that little truth in me and i keep going back to her.

I've been lost and abandoned more than once, by myself. This time i want to find myself forever. And stay with me. And let the world revolve around me, not the other way around.

I get those reminders here. To keep going back to myself for everything and anything. It is changing me and i can feel it in my blood.

I'm undergoing a transformation.