Friday, February 17, 2006

hypnotism and healing.

there are occasions where a client doesn`t find relief from the treatment he recieves from me. i am concerned with this because i work very hard to provide effective treatment for my clients and i care that they get well. what i have found is that there is a type of presupposition that some clients have about what i do and what healing in general is about. these people are under the impression that what i do is a magic spell of some sort that will cure them without any conscious effort on thier part. this is a product of consumer society..........the idea that a pill or a session or a product will provide immediate and permenant relief. it`s certainly a myth that advertisers perpetuate. the recent rash of happy pillsthat pharmaceutical companies are selling directly to the consumer show happy, smiling people drugged to cure depression. they don`t mention the side effects, some of which are so pronounced and disturbing as to have prompted authorities to take medications off the market and to ban them totally for children in the case of prozac.
my point here is that we are expecting automatic relief.
the truth is that a person has to take responsibility for thier issues. i teach powerful techniques for profound behavioural change.........when a person is ready to do the work. no matter how many sessions you spend with me, if you want to light a cigarette after the session, there`s not a thing i can do to stop you.
we aren`t powerless......we are powerful. when we choose. it`s the relationship we all have to that power that we have to come to grips with.
it`s called loving one`s self.
if you are in love with your self you wouldn`t dream of lighting a cigarette and inhaling the toxic smoke into your lungs. to do so is an act of wilfull destruction of the self. a person in love with them self who realises the habit they have is destructive will do anything they can to change the behaviour. they will work tirelessly, they will try everything made available to them to stop smoking.
i have 100% success rate with those people.
it`s the same with overeating, phobias, stress, anxiety............
it all comes down to loving one`s self.
and doing the work.


anu said...

So true Doctor. The next time i am tempted to gobble some junk food which is so harmful for my kidneys,instead of wallowing in self pity, i'm going to remind myself of my own priorities and ask myself 'whether do i really need this? and if i really loved myself, maybe i should start working on my own silly temptations'.

dr.alistair said...

loving yourself is the ultimate protection from destructive temptation.
it would be like trying to light water on fire with a match. it`s never going to`s not water`s nature to ignite with a match.
so it is with a person who loves themselves without condition. no destructive temptation will stimulate them.