Tuesday, October 31, 2006

alignment with desires.

we exist in something. inside of what we percieve as clearly defined reality. inside of this space and time things operate within certain guidelines. all of the stuff here existed in the consciousness of people before we saw it in reality.
it came from somewhere else and appeared here.


we think it. and it appears.

even science is begining to begrudgingly say that things seem to operate this way.

what we have and what we feel is driven by what we think will happen. we have thoughts and we focus on them then things happen because we acted on our feelings.

so the things here are made out of feelings.

our intentions.

so our intentions pull material things out of somewhere else and into physical reality.

sounds like magic.

and science agrees.



Yves said...

Cool, yes, and we see what we have created: a world which is staggering from various forms of sickness, corrupt, violent, unjust, cruel. Instead of trying to feather our own individual nests, we might work at aligning ourselves with a universal good.

dr.alistair said...

there are some pretty messed up people out there who have horrid pictures they like to look at each day which make them make tragic decisions. some of those people can interfere in our lives if we let them. walking away is a good start.........
i did not create any of those things that you like to point out. i don`t give a moment`s energy to them and so they don`t begin to resonate with my consciousness at all.
the method i`m discussing is a personal path. it`s mothing to do with any issue of conscience. that`s a trap of religion and dogma. who says charity works? what has it done to relieve suffering? i am the delivery mechanism of good in my community. i know that my path is one of benifit and wellness. to reward me is to ensure the continuation of good locally. i also know i can only do so much..........