Sunday, October 15, 2006


there comes a time in everyone`s life where sadness creeps in. for most it`s a temporary thing brought on by the usual memories or events that we know make us feel the familiar heavy feelings......but for some the feelings persist into habit becoming a frequent visitor or companion to one`s day.

sadness is a personal journey and can very rarely be shared. mainly because the feeling are too readily transfered and experienced by the next person in line who remembers thier own reasons for sadness. and so the cycle continues.

i have realised that the sadness, when it comes, is a transient experience and not to put the energy into the feelings once i`ve recognised the position i`m finding myself in. for too many of us we struggle with the feelings only to find ourselve`s deepening into the pain.

recently i have found that merely knowing the feeling is going to pass and not making the physical shapes associated with the sadness, e.i., bent over, slow-moving, looking down, etc......and really trying to move faster, breathe and stand up straight helps to shorten the length of time the feelings persist. this method has worked well to allow me to get back on the horse and join the race again.........


i have listened to too many people doing precisely the opposite, knowing fully well that thier feelings will continue and feed back to thier system allowing the sadness to last for hours and days and weeks............

and that`s no way to live.

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