Monday, October 16, 2006


for those of you who were caught off guard by the last post i would like for you to understand that each experience we have is a metaphor for another one in another frame of reference.
obviously i`m not literally a colonel and we aren`t at war in the traditional sense........but many of my clients are suffering shell shock......or what is now known as post-traumatic shock syndrome. the battles and wars are in our minds. but just as valid and true to our nervous systems as bombs, bullets and gunfire.

it could be said that the idea of struggle is a metaphor for the effort we put forth by being squeezed out into this world from the safe quiet of the womb and out into the bright lights and harsh air of a hospital room, like so much toothpaste from the tube........

many of us never get past that kinesthetic mode of discomfort and into some artful sense of movement free of that binding constriction. we feel the constant pressure of the birth experience weighing down on us as we go to do the next thing.

and this, of course, is just another metaphor...........

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