Monday, October 30, 2006

positive and negative thoughts.

i am criticised occasionally for my views on postive vs. negative thoughts. i promote good feelings for no reason and so there are those who feel that i`m merely avoiding all that is negative in life.

i`m not.

i`m merely saying that to focus on the negative is to attract more.

so don`t do it.

what you focus on sends energy of attraction so that what you focus on comes into your life.

there plenty of others caring for the negative, so it`s well taken care of. if you worry about such things.

me, i`m interested in seeing health and wealth and happiness for myself and those i care about and so i talk about positive energy that goes out and attracts more as we hold that picture of what we want in our minds.

really look at what you focus on daily. be honest with yourself. is what you focus on coming back multipied?

i know it is at this end, and i`m no different than anyone else. what i look at and what i tell myself about those images in my mind are exactly what my life has emerged as.

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