Sunday, October 15, 2006


this has long puzzled me.......why is it that there are some spiritual teachers who are convinced that the desire to be financially successful is somehow wrong, bad or a barrier to enlightenment.

i earn a decent living in my practice. i have a good grounding in ethics and moral values and have a sense of enlightenment in things, yet i always look to advancing my earnings by doing work in a variety of fields related to behavioural therapy. recently i have been working with a medical intuitive and her sister who is a life coach and they are both spiritually advanced and enlightened people who have come into my life, as always happens, by accident and by coincedance and so absolutely on purpose. they both insist that i must open myself up to the abundance and love of the universe so that my work can be accessed by more people who need to hear what i have to say. they are a reminder that i`m on the right path in this material/spiritual existance and that i must honour both the spirit and the material together.

otherwise one cancels the other out.

we cannot seperate the spirit from the animal can we?


Yves said...

No, we cannot separate the spirit from the animal. I think they are one and the same.

If you already earn a decent living then it is for you to explain to yourself why you consider it important to advance your earnings further.

Myself, I try to live independently of pressures to earn more. I've spent many years putting earnings ahead of self-fulfilment. To be comfortably poor is my delight: to live simply, travelling less, consuming less, having fewer possessions and no debts.

I would not impose my ways on others as a moral imperative, even though they are better for our earth than a high-consumption life-style.

I suppose that there is such a thing as closing yourself off from "the abundance and love of the universe" but this particular defect is not one shared by all those who suffer poverty. Many of those who seek riches do so because they driven by a sense of insecurity and lack of love.

The desire to be rich and successful has on the other hand led to a proliferation of gurus, coaches, inspirational speakers and writers whose work may not be harmless to its consumers.

What makes you so certain you are "on the right path in this material/spiritual existence", anyway? I am not suggesting you are on the wrong path, because I don't presume to judge that there are any wrong paths, at least for the individual. What does concern me greatly, and what makes a bit of self-doubt healthy, is the risk of leading others astray with unhelpful advice.

dr.alistair said...

how does one know when one is on the right path? well,the path metaphor fails here. what has happened in my life is that i continue to be asked to do these things, so i have taken training to ligitimise my practice to gain greater acceptance in traditional culture.

i don`t impose my views on others. i find them coming me for guidance.

about leading people astray.i don`t ask people to do radical things. i show them how to stop unhealthy habits, mostly. most of my spiritual teaching comes in discussion with other practitioners and healers.

regarding advancing earnings, that`s a many faceted question. some of my desire is to experience more. i would love to own a sitar for instance....maybe visit my family in scotland and england more often. who knows. i don`t put limits on earnings or make judgements about material things, unless it`s pathalogical.......

a bit about poverty. i do believe it is a an act of seperation from this culture. in some places there isn`t the means to accumilate. what i have found is that when i focus on what the universe has to offer the opportunities are wide open. when i look back on where there were reverses, it was because of attitude.

Yves said...

Where I am coming from is a brotherhood of man irrespective of cultures. America's freedom of opportunity is at the expense of the economic suppression of developing nations. To justify this with pseudo-spiritual bullshit makes me angry.

dr.alistair said...

well, anger is a mask.....for other things that well up at times in our psyche. what you do with the anger is the key.
anger is a great propulsion system for change, when used constructively. or it can be terribly destructive.

dr.alistair said...

and the brotherhood begins in the brother. when you begin to see brotherhood it comes to you. not before.