Saturday, October 28, 2006

the wolf.

as i continue to read this remarkable tale i am reminded of an experience i had as a teenager. i was walking home from a girlfriend`s house one night late. it was one of those magical deep winter nights that one has to experience firsthand to believe. the snow was deep and the air was crisp and fresh and the sky was alive with stars so bright and shining as to be alive. i had left her house and her love for fear that her parents would discover us and was still warm with our passions as i set out across the fields. i had nothing but my jeans, boots and a t-shirt and an old army coat that i had brought from england to fend off the cold. as i walked my persective switched for a moment or so and burned an image into my mind so deeply that i can see it now as i type.

i could see myself from outside my body as i plowed through the knee deep hair blowing back as i stepped and my coat open against the cold defiantly...........

then as suddenly i was back, but this time, remarkably, i was a wolf seeing and smelling and feeling a million times more intensely than i did moments before. i knew for that instant what it was like existing as a wild dog.

all three perspectives then tumbled about in my consciousness as i continued to walk. no words could describe what had happened in rational terms and they never have since. only the shamans have spoken of such things.

since then i have had similar experiences with other animal energy. the red-tail hawk flying high above the hydro poles along the side of the highway spoke words in my mind...........hunt and kill.

that`s all he knew.


Rand said...

Moving imagery. I'm not sure i believe in the shamanic ability to shift our consciousness to the form of another, but I did enjoy reading of your experience.

dr.alistair said...

hello rand, it`s nice to hear from you again. there is a tradition amongst tibetan buddhists, through breathing and meditation, to experience other consciousness. i have always been able to do that. my mother was a yoga adept and i spent many hours with her do what she did and do i suppose i learned some breathing and meditation also.many of the shifts of consciousnes i experienced as a youth were alarming to me and my descriptions of them to my father set his catholic mind in certain directions. my mother just accepted them. i have grown to find some understanding of my own mind over time and, well, i thrive on it.
the master would say i`m to let it go and go back to meditation but i am enjoying my new youth........for now.