Monday, October 30, 2006

what cost?

i think that we cannot risk thinking that our thoughts don`t effect reality. there are those who laugh at the idea that a thought creates an energy wave that creates the thing that thinking saw. these people consume the bad news as entertainment and proof that thier ideas about reality are correct.

i can`t afford to live with the risk that that kind of thinking is wrong.

so the no cost solution is to just behave as if our thoughts do create a wave of energy that go out and bring back the things we want in our lives.

the negative thinking people, or those who deny that thinking creates anything, are proving me correct by default. all of the thoughts about bills and failures and reversals of fortune and accidents surround people who dwell upon ways that ensure they will get what they focus on.

but they can`t for a minute entertain the thought that the positive might work too. then things wouldn`t be so hard and they`d have less to complain about. some get evangelistic about how hard it is to do this or that and then prove it.

so whatever you believe you are right. the mind creates the proof for whatever you choose to see.

that`s whay i can`t afford not to see the positive.


Yves said...

I can afford to see all sides. I am not afraid of the effect of my thoughts.

dr.alistair said...

one should never be afraid of one`s thoughts......that`s not my point. realising your thoughts create your reality is my point.