Tuesday, October 31, 2006

a disconnection.......

i have noticed a seperation in thought between those who characterise themselves as spiritual or following a spiritual path, and those who follow a path of afluence.


i see the creative act of abundance and simply earning money as spiritual acts. we live in a society and a global humanity interacting through the means of materials and money. all that we do is represented by the accumilation of money and possessions.

why is that wrong?

granted, what we choose to do with those things can lead to problems.......but that`s the role of education, to teach responsible wealth and responsible aquisition.

i see a great crime in plainly conditioning the minds of people to think that money and possessions are somehow wrong. that`s a recipe for disaster. the disaster comes in the form of resentment toward those who can create joyfully and out of a sense of abundnce in all things. that form of thinking deprives people the ablity to live the life they want.

it`s as if there is only so much to go round, in the eyes of some. and where does that thinking come from? that`s as defeating as earning money for the sake of earning money.......like pouring yet another bucket of water into an ocean.

see the astonishing beauty in things and the excitement of dreaming with intent about doing what you want in life and see yourself doing those things now and be grateful knowing that this vision will bring you into alignment with your desires.


Yves said...

No, it is not as you say, Alistair. There's a deep aversion to the coarsening of one's sensitivity by having more than one needs. For example, in the protective casing of an expensive car, I do not experience this world in its beauty and poignancy so much as when I am compelled to walk the common street as a pedestrian. On the street I know I am not better than anyone. My senses respond to everything, good and bad. I feel everything. I suffer and I enjoy.

Cushioned by luxury and excess, I fear loss. Wealth is the attempt to stave off a gnawing insecurity.

When I realise the nature of life on earth, I see that I do not have to worry about the gaining of all these artificial comforts which separate me from my essence and earth's essence.

What protects me in this life is not my efforts to raise myself above the common herd of the poor. What protects me is a knowledge that I am part of this, and I do not need to try and separate myself from it as if I were superior.

The earth looks after me. My needs are few. Hardly any of them involve money. The pursuit of money beyond my basic needs is an alien thing which takes me away from the enjoyment of this life. This is not my dogma but my deeply felt experience. It does not have to be yours, of course, but you were expressing something as being a truth for all mankind and not just yourself. That is what I challenge.

dr.alistair said...

i suppose it comes down to what you consider excessive. things come as we need them. my needs are dofferent from yours. my needs are growing as my business grows. for the past few years i had no need for a car period. i arrived at my clients sessions by bicycle. i worked from home. these situations have changed vastly recently and so i have need for office space, living accomodation and transportation, therefore i will purchase a car, rent office space and buy a house to live in. i will stress here that the situation that precipitated this shift in my living arrangement wasn`t made by me, but here we are.
i in no way see myself as superior to anyone else in other that capabilities. i have the means to buy a reasonably nice car and live well. i will not put a rolling scrap heap on the road.............or live in a damp cave. the abundance of cars and accomodation and work allows me to live well. it allows anyone who wants to to do the same. or not. dependant on thier beliefs.
i`m not causing or diminishing anyone elses position by my actions. the do that all by themselves.