Sunday, October 29, 2006

unconditional love.

i haven`t written much about this for some time as i have been focusing of visualisation, but as i have said so many times elsewhere, unconditional love for the self is the state where everything becomes possible. the joy, the happiness, the calm, the reassurance. it all comes from a state of unconditional love the self.

this state is a self-referencing mechanism which makes it impossible to begin on a path of harm. you just let those ideas and feelings go and wait for better ones to arrive.

no matter how long that takes.

did you get that?

no matter how long it takes.

sometimes that means forever.

which means that some forms of thinking have to be left behind. especially the one`s that make you do things that will lead to harming yourself or others.

it seems like such an easy thing to do.........but it forces you to take responsibility for your own care..........and to let things leave your life that are going to cause you harm.

how do you know the difference?

tell yourself over and over how much you love yourself. this may be difficult at times, but keep going. eventually you will mean it, i promise. once you start meaning it you will be able to discern so much that seemed invisible before. your whole life will change. some things will come into focus and some things will fade completely. that`s what love is. the creator at work.

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