Monday, October 23, 2006

hello again.

my computer network card crashed on thursday and so i have been unable to communicate until the computer is operational once again.

in the meantime the world has kept spinning and games have been won and lost and opinion has continued without me.

now i will join in again without permission or restriction.

this morning i rode to oakville to pick up my now-fixed laptop and on the way back across the bronte creek bridge i decided to stop and enjoy the view.

the bridge crosses the bronte creek about 40 feet from the water and from that height one can see upstream into the bush and into the deepest part of the creek, split in two by a sand bar island. we are past the best of the fall colours but the sun was out and warmth was nice on a windy october day and i watched as a pair of ducks swam together upstream. just then a blue heron rose from the water and up directly toward me, his wings slowly lifting him higher with each graceful flap. he climbed up directly above my head and around and up into the trees on the east bank........i was held breathless as he continued his flight around once again and back over the road behind me and away to the south.

i felt a a connection to this natural scene. a thrill of recognition of myself and the majestic flying dinosaur.


Anonymous said...

Jonny Quest fan here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,have a great day allister

dr.alistair said...

well, thanks........johhny quest fan.? hmmm. i`ll have to think about that for a bit. spelt my name incorrectly as well. a clue...........commas for periods. another one. anonymous as well. a game is afoot, methinks.