Tuesday, October 17, 2006

what kind of god are you?

what kind of god are you?

what have you manifest in your life?

is the list of things, people and events and occurances pleasing to you?

if you answered yes to the last question then crank up the gratitude until you are sure you will burst with the love and joy you feel knowing that your life is as rich as you wish................

but if you answered no, then stop putting time, effort and money into thoughts about things you don`t like.

like that........

just stop.

and in place of those thoughts find things to be grateful for and put emphasis on that feeling.
find where in your body and soul that the feelings of gratitude originate and see if you can make it grow up and out into your entire being. make it so strong a sensation that you could be sure that if someone saw you now they would know what you are thinking and feeling, just by how you appear.

now, isn`t that better than what was happening before.

now. know that if you continue to be grateful and see more of what you do want, you are sending a message to the universe that says "this is what i want from now on".

the universe will now send you these things.

it`s happening now everywhere anyway.

so be careful with that mind. train it to focus on the things you want and they will come to you.

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