Saturday, October 28, 2006

the squirrel

he sat there on the sidewalk perfectly still, as if he was looking at something just across the road. i noticed him as i rode by on my bike and gave him a wide berth so as not to startle him. he was suprisingly calm as i passed but i kept pressing on against the rain and wind, eager to get home and warm. i thought it a little odd the way he was stretched out like a resting dog front and back paws pushed out from his body with his belly flat on the ground but i kept pedalling.

he was there the next day as i rode by, still in the same position. i realised then that he`d died as he lay there, held in his last pose as his spirit left.

i see him there when i pass now and his body is comfort to me as i ride because i realise that his essence is long gone and that all that remains is what struggled here in material form. his spirit and industrious squirrel joy have gone on to some other plane of experience that we can only imagine.

so it is with us isn`t it? we are born, we experience stuff and then we move on. the spirit remains though. i`m convinced of that now. i have had flashes and glimpses and feelings of too many other planes of experience and consciousness to believe for one instant that this is all that there is.

and to my little squirrel friend i say, happy journeys......... wherever you are.

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