Tuesday, October 31, 2006

a question of conscience.

guilt. the drug of choice for the sea of religious dogma that we are afloat in. when we are conditioned to feeling responsible for the plight of others.......less fortunate than us or not, then we are prey to manipulation by religion and corporations and government.

i make no apologies for mixing metaphors to get a point across. conscience is a useless emotion.

conscience is a tool applied by the media to control out thinking. there are those who will now go inside and say to themselves that without some form of control that there would be chaos and people would be deciding what they wanted to do and to hell with what others think. people do that anyway, and use guilt to control others and manipulate and take what they want.......

that`s what people do.

it`s just a question of who want`s to be in control of what.

me, i want to be able to make clear decisions about what`s best for me and not have to wade through endless hours of conjecture about the cure for this and the solution to that or the reason why things went to shit somewhere or la-la-la............

turn the tv off. stop reading the newspaper and go for a walk. tell your kids you love them and decide what you want to do with your life and what you want to be involved in by adressing the pictures in your head in a meaningful way.............maybe for the first time in your life.

that`s what it means to take responsibility.

and smile for fuck`s sake. this isn`t a funeral.


Rand said...

Well said, very well said.

Yves said...

It occurs to me that your remarks may be addressed primarily to your own self, and if that's the case, who am I to argue with them?

However, as you and I are of the same species a little sharing may not altogether miss the mark. I know that if I feel guilty, it is not conditioning but the pricking of conscience and and if I suppress that, it will do no good at all. My emotional unease is always a spur to action, and when an appropriate action has been taken, joy in the moment is restored.

Conscience is a gift implanted by nature in everyone. If we all listened to it, few laws, few courts, few police would be required. It's true that parents, teachers, religions and the media try to hijack our conscience. This does not stop me reading the papers and being interested in some of what the religious have to say, for they don't control me.

I certainly refuse to smile when I don't want to. I certainly won't tell my kids I love them. If the words belie my actions, I commit a grave offence. If not, they are rather redundant. (I must admit my wife is rather keen on "I love you" so these redundant verbalisations do get bandied about at home.)

There is much more in me than pictures in my head. There is wisdom like a deep well or a spring that can gush out of a hillside. My head is a most unreliable device for deciding what to do with my life, because as you rightly say its pictures are often supplied by the manipulators.

My head is a built-in computer with memory, spell-checker, grammar-checker. It allows me to communicate and also to decode inputs. But it has given up helping me to run my life and now things go much more smoothly and joyfully.