Tuesday, October 17, 2006

what is hypnosis.

as a certified hypnotherapist i am asked this question all the time. people want to know what you know, you know? so i tell people that everything is hypnosis. from the simple act of driving your car to watching television to making lunch. we talk to ourselves and show ourselves pictures that make us go into different worlds, or focuses, that make us concentrate on the specific task at hand.

if we didn`t do this nothing would ever get done. we would begin one thing and then get distracted and start something else.........

so hypnosis is a way to attend to things with intention.

you are a master hypnotist. so is everyone else on the planet. every habit and behaviour and skill you have has been learned in a deep hypnotic trance that you created......with the help of parents, teachers, coaches and others........so that you could concentrate long enough to learn what it was that you needed to learn. otherwise you would have looked for a minute and then off in another direction.

and some trances last a lifetime.

for good and for bad.

the good news is that trances are like opinions.....once you recognise the falsity of a position it is easy to change.


Yves said...

I recognise the falsity of your position and I hope you will soon do the same!

dr.alistair said...

opinion.....merely an opinion, which of course creates our reality.