Sunday, October 29, 2006

a reminder.

we are made up of what we see, in our mind`s eye, and what we talk about, inside our heads.

everything else proceeds from there.

we began doing this, this time, the moment we were born. many of the ideas, feelings, concepts and certainly outcomes come from a pre-literate time in our lives. a time before words.

this is why it is important from now on to watch what you say and what you see in your mind`s eye. choose what you want to see and hear and allow those images to lead you forward each day.

over the next few days and weeks and months these images will create a reality for you that you want.

it`s happening now anyway. it always has. it`s the way things work.

why not shape things the way you want?

the answer to that question precisely describes your reality and predicts your future.

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