Tuesday, October 17, 2006

we are the warriors.

though we sit in technological paradise surrounded by digital connection to the entire human race we still pulse with the animal need to establish and protect boundaries. this desire linked with the innate creative urge to bring children into this complex sea of protoplasm called society makes us want to protect our bit of this planet with absolute mastery.

it is for this reason that we are warriors.

to push back the threats to thier existance. to provide the best for them and to be ever vigilant............

and one day to be king.


Yves said...

Whilst I agree with much of this, I feel you have conflated dangerously two ideas. Yes, everyone wants to protect himself against threats, and the urge to procreate is equally innate.

The urge to fight for a cause, if necessary to the death, is also innate, especially amongst young men.

However in an interdependent world where there is a sense of justice and fair play, it is not justifiable for any of us to act "on behalf of my tribe", still less to be king. From this the genocide and lesser evils all stem.

And this too is why the desire to be rich (supported by an oft-asserted but much-confused notion of "cosmic abundance") is no more than a proxy enslavement of others, who exhaust themselves in the plantations, unseen, to provide us with the riches which we have summoned to satisfy our own "dreams".

dr.alistair said...

justice, fair play, what are those things......precisely?

the tribe needs a king. it can`t operate without it.

cosmic abundance?

i don`t know about cosmic abundance, but abundance abounds........

..........for good and for bad. the choice is ours to make.