Sunday, May 28, 2006

authentic living.

i asked a client of mine what they would feel ilike if she had to give a lecture about anxiety to a group of bank professionals. she said that she would be terrified.
i asked her why.
she said that she would feel as if they would question her authority on th e subject.
so i told her that she was an expert in anxiety as a sufferer and that if she was to confidently speak from experience about her situation and be unconcerned about how they would recieve her honesty and emotions that they would learn a tremendous amount about how she lived and that also many of them would recognise, perhaps for the first time, that they weren`t alone in thier anxiety also.
what is the lesson here?
authenticity in feelings and knowing that others are having similar experiences to.
knowing the difference between having to convince others and realising that all it takes is speaking honestly about your own situation. we are all expert in our own stuff.
this is a big part of unconditional love for your self. speaking from your heart. we all recognise the truth when we hear it.
so speak it,

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