Saturday, May 20, 2006


sometimes in the quiet nighttime darkness i meditate and imagine my nerves tingling deep within me as some machine that someone designed some time ago. not me specifically of course, but the mechanism that i am. that we all are.
some other conscious being took dna and, in some infinitely advanced place, added it to other dna and ran tests on different animals here on earth and eventually we came about.
we are so successful a product that we have spread out onto the surface of this planet and applied technology ourselves, enabling us to live in otherwise inhospitable places. we have become an animal close to creating life it`s self in new ways and we have developed technology that is nearing magical capabilities.
are we ready to become the conscious beings that created us?
will we repeat the process?

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anu said...

Your first sentence is very powerful Dr.

I feel sometimes, when we label things/events as scientific, we make them seem more mechanical and complex than ever before.

The spontaineity and joy of it happenning in a magical and mystical way is lost when we try to disect animals to learn what's inside them or inject rats with medicines to lengthen man's life.

But in our minds, somewhere, we all know there is an easier way out.

Maybe just listening to ourselves will heal us so we don't need to develop more medicines. Rather we have life schools / colleges where we teach our children (things you say) to smile, that dreams are real etc.

Maybe just observing at a spider climb will tell us more than we can ever know by disecting it.

Two days ago, a blade of grass and a single green leaf spoke to me. And i feel, my listening to them and understanding their language, has something to with the fact that i was deeply touched and aware of what you said:

"we can know that plants have feelings and can read your mind"