Tuesday, May 09, 2006


do you know what i like about truth? it`s exactly like utter bullshit.
some agree, some disagree, some get angry, some get sad............
but they are the same thing; truth and bullshit.
check it out for yourself.
look how many people buy bullshit.
that should be a fair indication of what i`m saying.
did you laugh just then?
thought so. it is funny.
but you have to ask yourself how many people are buying the truth too.......or whether they`d know the difference.


anu said...

Isn't truth just another belief. Something which seems absolute right now, but nevertheless undergoes a change over a period of time.

I feel there is or are no permanent truths. Truths keep changing over a period of time.

dr.alistair said...

absolutely. it`s what you make it....but being god has it`s responsibilities.