Wednesday, May 03, 2006


a word about the neurochemical model of consciousness.
there are those who become morally indignant over the idea that consciousness can be "reduced" by describing the process as one of chemical reaction. this mechanism isn`t trivial. it is a miracle of enormous magnitude. it is evidence of a wonder occuring every second of the day deep within all of us.........and we can control it. not with years of training in a monestary in the himalayas, but in your mind right now.
the mechanism that releases specific chemicals in our bodies that produce precise feelings are available to us right now.
look at the image of a lemon in your mind. smell it. cut it with a knife and taste the bitter juice on your fingers.
do you salivate as a response, just by imagining the process.
how does this happen?
i don`t know. i can describe some of the neurochemistry but the actual knowing is in how you reacted to the images in your mind.
this is all there is.
we are doing this all the time. or we are being provided images for us to react to. either one or the other.
still tasting lemon?
let it be a reminder of the power of your mind.

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