Sunday, May 14, 2006

can you feel it?

no, really, can you feel it?


anu said...

WOW...the moment of triumph.

Of course i can feel it. I used to watch these movies on television, of bike-riders, soccer players, athelites, martial artists, where they practice for years for a single tournament. They live, breathe,walk, eat and talk their art/sport.

And then when they make that match-winning goal, or the final punch or cross the winning line....the look on their face, what shine.

I almost have tears of joy and a strange feeling of thrill running through my veins. I cannot describe it. At that moment, i feel like i've won, i feel like their spirits are in "ME" rejoicing the glory, the victory.

I feel empowered and drugged and that sensation remains for a while.

So right now, your punch line is so short but effective "no, really, can you feel it?"..i feeling the same feeling!

anu said...

Dr? i've injured my little toe. I hope it is not disloated. I feel on my toe at the aikido class today.

And i'm not able to walk properly as it hurts. I am nervous now. I dont want to be injured and skip practice. I love being there and it gives me a strange thrill. I wait for every single class and cannot sleep the whole night as i'm so eager to go the next day and practice.

Please tell me that this is temporary problem and it is just a sprain. And nothing is going to go wrong.

You're words have tremondous impact on me.

dr.alistair said...

yes, absolutely. this is the essense of life. we must recreate this state as the ground for our lives. when we do we carry that feeling in our veins as we do the next thing we do.......
this is called a winner script.
we`re gonna do the work anyway so why not do it in joy, passion and determination?

dr.alistair said...

regarding medical issues, i have no idea and can`t provide medical advice. you know whether it`s sprained or not that you can go and do what you need to do........your own body is the measure of what you can do.

anu said...

my toe is swollen and i can barely walk :-(