Thursday, May 11, 2006


dreams are powerful experiences. recently i have been in discussion with a co-conspirator on the spiritual path, regarding dreams and thier meaning. as a result of the focus of our discussion i have found myself having vivid dreams with elements of our discussions contained within them. dreams are a mechanism whereby the higher aspect of all of us can communicate, many times in riddles, metaphors and symbols, but eventually, as we learn the language things become clear.
this language of dreams has many aspects. there are ways of symbolising that are semantic, that is they can be literalised. there are ways of symbolising that are archetypal, that is they are contained in what carl jung referred to as the collective unconcious. and there are ways of symbolising that are personal to the dreamer and are part of thier personal language.
i have found that dreams can be precipitated by means of an incubation process. this essay will undoubtably result in more vivid dreams in the next few nights sleep for me, and possibly for you too.
conversations with others is another incubation process.
journal writing about memories of past dreams and from the night before will precipitate more dreams.
dreaming is an art and a craft. it neads to be practiced and nurtured and performed.
dreaming may well be a way to get closer to what some call god.


anu said...

Dr Alistair, i used to never have dreams or rather i could never remember them till 6mths ago. Then i realised i wanted to remember my dreams. So now everytime i nap or sleep at night, i have a dream.

Earlier i was always a victim in my dreams, with things happennign to me. The week before last, when i was very unwell with flue, i did a lot of listening to myself and questioning. I did this for an entire week, hoping that i can uncode the message my body is giving me and then i thought the sickness would leave.

I had a very significiant dream the week before last, where i did exercise my choices. I felt free and fearless, secure and content. It was a bus-journey and i was talking and the passengers in the bus were listening to me with awe and admiration. But at some point, when my destination arrived, i just took my bags and got down. I knew that the passengers were eager to listen to me and i was getting a lot of attention from them. And that actually did not matter much to me becoz i was aware of what or who i am so i did not seem to 'need' that love and affection from others. Though i did acknowledge it and appreciate it while it was there.

Now that i did get down at my destination, was a significiant event for me. That i did exercise the choice to continue my journey without getting stuck to the bus.

Since this event, some changes have occured in me Dr. If you've noticed, i'm more open in my expressions and i'm not taking any effort to be like that. It is naturally happenning with me. I feel more in love than ever before and that energy is freely flowing.

Infact i saw the change in me the very next day (after the one week sick leave) when i went to work.

So yes! dreams are powerful and that i could exercise my choices in my dreams tells me that probably, i am going to do the same thing in physical reality.

ANd in dreams, we create a world of our own, don't we Dr?

dr.alistair said...

dreams can be a testing ground for behaviours that we want to have in our waking life. why not to a test run to see how you will like being unattached to outcomes. that is a very elegant form of self-awareness. i believe dreams are a form of meta-consciousness where we can run new software for the mind and your dream and your reactions confirm that.
dream journals are very good for keeping focus on dream awareness as you grow. it is important to be aware of the distinction between waking and dream life though, much as some people get caught up in computer games as a surrogate for the world, it is important to see dreams as a tool for growth and not an escape.