Tuesday, May 23, 2006

where this all leads.

all of this thinking about deep things leads us around and around in amazement and we are constantly entertained by the bright lights and shiny objects, but at the end of the day where does that leave us compared to watching a good movie or listening to a cd? these are temporary feelings we get through entertainment. passing time from one moment to the next.....but are we going to be entertained and amazed every moment of our day?
there is a perception of the rich and famous that they are constantly able to provide this high level of excited involvement in thier daily life, going from peak to peak with no dips and quiet in between. at least that`s the passing thought we have for the lives of those who can afford anything money can buy.
the truly happy person is merely at peace inside. not being pulled, pushed or torn with concern or desperate to be lifted up to ride some wave of exctacy into the next moment. this peace comes by knowing one`s self. by loving one`s self and by accepting one`s self each moment no matter what comes along. this depth of peace allows the highs and lows to be met with grace and balance. it doesn`t destroy the peaks and joys and it doesn`t allow escape from pain and misery.......it merely allows acceptance that each thing that comes along will pass by.
then we can sleep deeply, run as hard as we can, eat for fuel, work hard and relax when we need to. all in balance. have the money and material things but
love yourself first.
do it first and often and everything else will follow suit.

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