Monday, May 29, 2006


we have this idea that we know time. we can measure it with increasing accuracy. we can rely on it to allow us to plan to do things in the future and arrange for everyone and everything to be there at the same time together. pretty powerful thing.
we can observe clocks, tides, planetary and solar movements and have them all corelate. it is a very consistant predictor of the future in time and
time actually creates space. movement in time equates to space. they are really parts of the same thing.
we still don`t know what this thing called time is though. we have the accurate measurement and this gives control, which is what science is all about, but it doesn`t actually say what time is.
what is it made of?
we think it is a something that allows distance and velocity.
so it is.
but it`s still only an it.
we have become so used to using time as a thing that it has become unconscious to our understanding.
yet here it is.
or isn`t.
really there is only a series of nows all lined up.

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