Sunday, May 14, 2006

how do we recognise things.

our world is filled with people, places and things. we look at these things and compare them to our previous experiences and we make value judgements by comparing the past to whats happening now. we distort, edit and delete these images as we go. the output of all of this is the next thing that we do.
but we are getting ahead here.
we re-cognise out external reality in the above way.
but what is cognised?
the first thing.
it all starts when we are first born.
all of the stuff that we experience in the first few years of our lives make up our pre-suppositions about reality.
so by grade three or four we are fully formed regarding what we distort, edit and delete.
no woder newspapers are written for a grade five reading comprehension level.
so the distinction is this; we don`t cognise. we re-cognise.
we are comparing to what we already know and then rejecting that which we don`t already agree is real.
so where does this leave us?
looking for mechanisms whereby we can look at our basic pre-suppostions about life. our values.....and see if they support our desires and goals.
if there isn`t some reasonable congruence between our values and what we expect will happen in or lives then we are heading for conflict.......sometime.
solution; follow your heart, be honest in your communications and honour yourself in love unconditionally.
the people that you find yourself surrounded by as you progress in this will know precisely where you stand.
the alternative is to betray your values to make situations easier for the short-term and constantly be off balance and weak. this short-term thinking is evident in all manner of relationships, from personal to political, in fact the political system is designed to promote short-term thinking because of term limits, so politicians get what they want and then get out.
do you want your relationships to be that way?

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anu said...

No, i would surely want healthy, love-filled relationships where there is lots of learning and growth.