Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the perfect thing.

i have not spoken about my personal life in anything but the most general terms up until now. i have never felt it was pertinent to the message that i feel compelled to communicate. we all have ups and downs in our lives and mine is no different, but recently i have been going through a seperation withmy girlfiend of 14 years and it`s been tough. moreso because of the legal dispute emerging over money. i am comfortable with the split between us. the relationship is over and it`s time to be apart. we will make it work for the boys. it is the money issue that has been very difficult to come to terms with. i will end this part of the discussion by saying that the house we have lived in for 14 years is in her name and she`s making me fight to prove my right to any money from the sale. i am going to see alawyer on tuesday.
now, to the perfect thing.
for many years i have been a loyal, stay-at-home guy, being a boyfriend and dad. recently i have found the need to be out riding my bike or whatever later in the evening as a way of avoiding confrontation in the home. last night i went for a bike ride and found myself at starbucks at around 8.30pm to meet a friend for coffee and aimless discussion. while i was sitting there waiting for my friend a girl pulls up in a car and goes into the coffee shop. she immediately caught my eye. just my type. tall, brunette, athletic, confident.............and she had a dog in the car with her.....bonus points. she got coffee and a cookie, got her dog from the car and sat down at the next table just as my friend arrived and a friend of hers arrived too.
we all chatted away and focussed on her dog as he ate the cookie and we just fell into conversation comfortably.
about half an hour into the conversation the girl (who`s name i never got.) started speaking directly to me and for the next hour or so we were locked eye-to-eye. starbucks closed and the chairs and tables were taken in and we said good-bye and as i rode off she was still looking deeply at me and smiled perfectly as i went.
i fell in love.
i am still in love.
i am riding the crest of this perfect thing and i will let it take me as far as it wants to take me......................
it was god`s gift to me to get me through this.
i will be eternally grateful.
and maybe i will see her again too.


Anonymous said...

And,if my experiences are anything to go by, I bet those feelings made the house seem very unimportant ?

dr.alistair said...