Wednesday, May 03, 2006

why can`t we love ourselves?

the modern consciousness is trapped. we are trapped in looking at things that are none of our business. petty things like how fast someone else is driving on the highway or if someone is cheating on thier taxes. moral obligation drags us into external conflicts that become personal.
we treat eachother like shit as a resultand we end up in conditional relationships with everyone...............including ourselves.
we have been trained to be this way by the church and state so that they can get on with thier business (slavery) and we are stressed and confused to the point where we give up trying to be loving and fall into resentment full time.
we have such high expectations of everything that we are constantly disappointed. when we realise that we are doing it to ourselves then we can begin to create a new world for ourselves based on trust, faith and love.
i went to a seminar years ago where a man held himself out to be able to tell if your ideas had validity or not and if he thought your idea had merit he would work with you to develop your idea. one of the people in the seminar got talking with the guy about francising operations and during the discussion it became obvious that the guy made a great deal of money each year but he was unhappy this year because he missed his financial goal of three million dollars.
the guy running the seminar said something that i`ve never forgot. he said that if you are unhappy nearly missing earning three million dollars in a year then you are doing your whole life wrong.
what madness would make someone miserable in that man`s shoes?
a conditional relationship with the self.
we put these conditions on ourselves. i see it in people. it is like a mark on thier forehead. it says dsappointed in big letters.
who knows what drove that man to a point where he was, by his own admission, miserable to the point of being desperate. but the misery is evident in the eyes of anyone chasing happiness outside themselves. no money, relationship or events are going to change the fact that the heart is heavy.
the decision to stop putting conditions on your feelings for yourself or others is the only way to change the flow of endorphines in your body.
endorphines are tiny little chemical substances our body creates that make us feel things. our thoughts create the chemicals and our body gets the feelings as a result.
phynyl-ethyl-amine or p.e.a. is a neuro-transmitter that our body creates. our bodies create this substance when we get a hug. we get a hug and in a moment or two we get a warm rush. this is p.e.a. this substance is also found naturally in chocolate.
so we really do it to ourselves at all moments of every day.
give yourself a hug.


anu said...

Oh Dr, i always feel good when i visit your space here. It just brings my focus back to ME.

So, i am feeling so lovely now..that i want to give you a hug.


dr.alistair said...

hugs work.....thanks. :-)