Tuesday, May 16, 2006

so, what is it we can do?

well, we can mind our own business.
we can smile to ourselves.
we can love ourselves unconditionally.
we can get to the stuff we know we can never fail at.
we can hold a door for someone and smile at them.
we can look directly at people when we speak.
we can tell the truth when we know we must.
we can actually take the time to smell the roses.(plan on it.)
we can know with absolute certainty that it`s all in the mind.
we can also know with absolute certainty that everyone is full of shit. (including me.)
we can know that plants have feelings and can read your mind. (!)
we can learn to laugh at the absurdity of it all.
we can remember to breathe awareness into the moment and become absolutely aware of now.
we can understand that it`s o.k.
it`s all taken care of.
let it go.
it`s bullshit.
everything is.........magically, perfectly and absolutely bullshit.
embrace the chaos and it will set you free.


anu said...

I love this sentence Dr, it brought such a sweet smile onto my face:

"we can know that plants have feelings and can read your mind."

I want to believe this is true. Becoz then my life becomes so mystical and magical.

Thanks Dr.

dr.alistair said...

there is no need to believe. science is full of studies involving plants and sensitive measuring devices that have recorded reactions to human intentions.
our lives are interconnected to everything else. many deny it and live lives of rigid materialism. that`s thier choice. there is so much more wonder in knowing that there is magic in things and people and that we are part of it.